Together in Action Trust


We work with communities and their young people to build self-sustaining, flourishing environments in which self-belief and a ‘can do’ spirit delivers well-being for all through opportunities, justice and hope.

Our Values

Current Projects

To commemorate the arrival of diverse communities to the city of Coventry. A safe haven for new arrivals, a place of sanctuary and solace. A new beginning. 

By working, inspiring and giving, to make harmony, hope and happiness a living reality for all.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  

Mahatma Gandhi – 

A ‘In Conversation’ piece on the insights of what motivates people to work for the common good. 

Our Projects

Designed to help young people and young adults to become aware of their full human potential and thus enthuse them, lighting the spark that gives them the determination to make positive changes of benefit to them in the first instance, but also to their community and beyond.  Perhaps to suffering elements of the environment which have meaning to them and which they value.

Designed to help young people and young adults explore, with others, how Values, Beliefs and practice define us as individuals, families, communities, regions, nations and global society. The object of these projects will be to provide people with the opportunity to explore our common Humanity discovering the spiritual, natural and eternal energy that connects each one of us. 

Designed to encourage participants to identify and undertake community cohesion projects which work towards the positive acceptance and celebration of cultural and social differences. These should be seen as factors to be valued and treasured.  They broaden and strengthen the experience and understanding of the entire community, and not only of the individual.

Designed to help create and maintain friendship between people of different beliefs, traditions and with those with no religious affiliation. To help instil a sense of wonder, respect and value towards people. To help create bridges of understanding and cooperation between and across people and communities with different beliefs and practise.

Some of the people we have recently worked with …

Together in Action’ has provided in delivering quality workshops to representatives of all our faiths in Coventry in connection with Home Office Places of Worship safety and security funding …
Mohammed Bashir

Community Coordinator, Coventry City Council